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Female Pilots

Observation: I frequently and gladly see female pilots on flights these days, even entire female flight and cabin crews. Pretty cool. But Delta, c'mon, do you think you could find a female captains uniform that is a little more flattering, rather than using the exact same tailor for men and women, right down to the captain's hat? These are professional, competent and attractive females who are danged impressive. Let's treat them as such. What ya say

Trick or Treat

So, to lighten the mood, here I am on a plane. I was fortunate enough to get an upgrade to first class, row 1, seat B. Aisle seat. My seat mate had already boarded when I came on. A rather portly gentleman (ok, I gotta be careful here because I am basically Donald Trump's size so I guess that makes me too overweight to run for President according to some pundits....but I digress) sitting in his chair with headphones on and iPad in his lap already watching a movie or something.