Facemask Follies


Please, stop judging people simply by what you see!

I tire of being judged based on someone else’s standards of behavior.

I am a responsible adult who knows how to, and does, practice social distancing and good hygienic habits. Not that it is really anyone else’s business, but I sanitize my hands regularly and keep sanitizer at the ready, even in my car. I am rarely in public and when I do I am am careful to not be in close quarters with fellow citizens.  I am also a very healthy adult, in general, with low level of personal vulnerability.

 I am less of a risk of spreading a contagion to others than many.  I am certainly not as high a risk as those who wear masks due to social pressure and then feel invincible, self-righteous or otherwise superior as a result, but may be very sloppy with their own personal hygiene or social distancing practices.

I have lost count of the number of people I have witnessed in public who have a mask covering their mouth but not their nose or just dangling from their neck. Or they will simply remove it to talk, cough or sneeze…in public, or scratch their nose.

But some of these very people choose to judge me because of what they see, or don’t see, on my face, having no idea of my habits or actions. BS!!!

I understand and utilize best practices, and I do not wear a mask in public.

I am interested in being very responsible with my personal actions. I am not interested in wearing a mask simply to make others feel better or to project a false sense of security or to seek social acceptance.

Sorry, but we should all stop judging others based on our own actions or beliefs.

We should have a little more faith in our fellow man to do the right thing based on their circumstances…not ours.

Wear a mask if you like. I am fine with that. But, don’t judge me to satisfy your fears.

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