From a Friend on a Recent Cross Country Flight


This was posted in real time on a Facebook by a friend on a cross country trip. 

Me to a very embarrassed and increasingly frustrated young Mother of a crying, teething baby in seat 22e (from seat 22d): "I've heard it helps to rub bourbon on their gums".

Mom in 22e: "me too, but I've never bought bourbon".

Me in 22d: "I'll buy it".

Drink comes

Mom in 22e: "how do I do it?"

Me in 22d: "Just dip your finger in and rub it on her gums, I guess."

Mom in 22e: "You do it!"

Me in 22d: "Ma'am I bought you a drink but I'm not sticking a whiskey soaked finger in your baby's mouth."

Mom in 22e: "Do you mind if I just drink it?"

Me in 22d: "Be my guest. The crying won't bother you so much. Why do you think I've been so calm?"

After the young mother and baby dozed off to sleep a gentleman across the aisle bought my friend's next drink and the flight attendent then provide the rest of his drinks on the house for the remainder of the trip. 

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