Holiday Travelers...ergh!


Holiday travelers, ergh! Early flight out of Lexington, KY. I get to the airport and head to the Delta ticket desk to check my bag, etc. Long line in all the lanes, including SkyPriority Lane. Normally the SP line moves pretty quickly as there are usually experienced travelers who know what to do. Normally.

I see the ticket agent looking a bit frazzled as he is trying to deal with one very demanding family. Two grandparents, two parents and a baby in a stroller. The wife was the daughter of the elder couple, I surmised. The grandfather appeared to be a guy who liked to get his way by bullying others. He seemed to be doing this today, arguing to get an upgrade to first class when he was nowhere close to being at the top of the list.

Meanwhile, the daughter, apparently a princess in her twenties, dressed to the nines with a smartly tailored overcoat, stood beside him casually drinking her double mocha latte and crunching on a health bar (I can only assume she missed her yoga spin class and spa appointment this morning) and admiring her manicure, barking orders to her millennial metro sexual husband. He looked much like pajama boy from a few years ago, but I digress. These people had no clue that they were inconveniencing now at least a dozen other travelers with their antics and demands. They finally move along and away from the ticket counter, but it sure doesn't end there.

After I get checked in I head to TSA pre check line. Standing at the entrance to the line, with no one else in the lane, was the princess, her mother and the stroller with a baby. Just standing there, blocking the lane but also not moving forward. I walk up and stand right behind them. They eventually took the hint and moved in to the lane toward the TSA agent. The princess with the stroller, latte still in hand, was first in line and gets motioned over to the lone TSA agent who was working the main line. The agent tells her she will have to fold up the stroller in order for it to go through the x-ray. She turns to her mother, ten feet away, and starts babbling about not knowing how to do that, still sipping on her latte, holding up the line. Her mother wasn't any help. They talk back and forth about how to break down a cheap stroller until the agent finally had to tell her to move along, so she headed toward the x-ray belt. Her mother then gets moved along and I followed.

At the x-ray belt, sure enough they couldn't fold up the stroller and didn't seem to mind they were holding up the works. They place their bags on the ball bearing rollers leading up to the moving belt and left them there while trying to figure out the mechanics of the stroller (blocking others from moving on)...and of course still sipping on her latte to finish it up to go through the magnetometer. A TSA agent finally came up to assist them and the line again began to move.

I board my flight in coach, aisle seat. Guess who is sitting right behind me? Yep, the princess, pajama boy and their young daughter. I am afraid this is going to be a long short flight.

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