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Microsoft Even Runs Airplanes

Haven't heard this one before on a flight. Flight delayed due to MS Surface falling out of its mount in the cockpit, cracking the screen. So, the captain had to go visit the "computer guy" before we could take off. At least he didnt have to call tech support... ????

Moving side"walks"!

Anyone who flies Delta knows the drill in Atlanta when connecting on a different concourse....

The Stars Sometime Align

Air travel can be challenging but some times the stars do align. Heading home out of Dulles/DC, connecting in Atlanta. Boarded flight when the Captain announces a ground delay due to weather. We sat on the tarmac for a while through two more announced delays but finally took off. But then the question would be, will I make my connection? I knew it was going to be tight. So first I check landing and departure times, thinking wow it really is going to be close, depending on distance between the aircraft, including concourse changes etc. But I should be able to make it. So I then check arrival gate, B27. I am familiar with this gate. It is not the furthest from the escalators to the trains but can be a hike, depending in the crowd but I am thinking it is doable. I also checked the type of plane for my connecting flight, an MD 88, the same model aircraft as my first leg. Good, it tells me my connecting departure flight is likely going to be close to being on time as it is an actual Delta owned plane, vs a regional carrier. So I begin to mentally prepare my departure from the first plane to be as quick as I can be. Fortunately I am in row 1 so as soon as the door opens I can be on my way. I am prepared from experience. I can do this. After mentally walking through my plans for deplaning I check on my departure gate. Same concourse, whew that helps. No need to worry about trains running on time. Flying out of Gate 27. That is about as close to my arrival gate as it comes. I will have to move back two rows but I will make my connection without breaking a sweat..."Stewardess, er....flight attendant can you please bring me another glass of wine?" Stars do sometimes align ????.

Dress for Success?

Why do middle aged men with not so attractive feet or legs feel the need to wear shorts and flip flops when traveling by air and walking through airports? Seems to be an abundance today. Not cool, imho.

Kindness in the Airport

It is always fun and gratifying to see the kindness of humanity. I landed in Atlanta, concourse b and going to concourse d. The escalator down to the tunnel/walkway/train is pretty long at concourse b. I am guessing 2.5 stories. As I head down the escalator I look to my left to see the up escalator with one young man, maybe 5 yrs old, riding up with his camouflage rollerboard, looking behind him with a bit of panic on his face. I look down and see his mother at the bottom, struggling to manage another large rollerboard and a very reluctant 3 yr old who was not about to step on that danged old moving staircase. She too was beginning to panic as she tried to wrangle her life at the bottom of the escalator. As I was about halfway down and planning to offer assistance, another very nice lady saw her predicament and came to her aid. I could be wrong but I just imagine that this was a military wife trying to manage her brood to get the next assignment. She seemed confident and experienced, yet overwhelmed and her 5 yr old was brave and scared as he clutched his rollerboard. Kudos to the lady who offered her assistance just at the right moment to help another in distress.

High Heels and Backpack

I am walking through the Atlanta airport on my way to make my connecting flight. Ahead of me I notice a tall and thin young lady walking slowly and deliberately. She had what must have been a twenty five pound backpack, filled to the gills and she seemed to be having trouble with her center of gravity being out of kilter. She also had a distressed look on her face as I passed her by as she seemed to be teetering a bit. I looked down and noticed what must have been at least six inch heels on her shoes. Now, I appreciate high heels on women as 1) they can be very attractive and 2) I am nearly 6'4" so standing around too many people who are often a foot shorter than me makes me feel like Gulliver and I get nervous. That said, while this young lady was attractive, those shoes were a bit comical and her backpack made it look like, if someone tried, she could be spun like a top. I am just glad she was not on my flight wearing that backpack.

Walking and Texting in the Airport

Walking and texting. I just followed a young lady, head buried in her iphone, into the men's restroom in atl. It was really kinda funny when she figured it out.

Flying: Two Observations

Two observations. 1, The pre board line (those older or who otherwise needed extra time boarding) was exceptionally, even humorously long. It could have easily been an episode of Seinfeld. 2, the guy sitting beside me is wearing a shirt that is only a little bit louder than his annoying voice as he practically yells into his phone....annoying many. Will be glad to get back to Tennessee where manners are a little better.

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