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Double Take in the Skyclub

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport a bit early, I headed to the Delta Skyclub to relax for a few minutes before my flight.

TSA - Thousands Standing Around

I am generally supportive of TSA and airport security procedures and rarely have a complaint, but every now and then the agents earn their less than stellar reputation. 

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

Fact checking the fact checkers

The World We Are In

Oh, the world we are in. We just landed and I am walking through the Memphis Airport when I noticed an airport worker standing in front of and blocking the entrance to the men's restroom with a confused look on his face. I started to walk in and he put his hand up to stop me and said "I can't let anyone in....a woman just walked in"...He said "I don't understand, the women's restroom is directly across the hallway"? So I ask, "are you sure it's a woman?" He got the funniest and confused look on his face and then realized what was probably happening. It was kinda funny but our world is in a crazy place these days

Street Smarts vs Book Smarts

I am sitting on a flight with my first class upgrade, row 3 aisle. In front of me, across the aisle in row 1 there is a fairly well dressed gentleman studiously reading and writing notes. If I had to guess, he may be an engineer or maybe a math professor. He gets up out of his seat to retrieve his backpack (ugh) in the overhead bin. For those who don't get to fly very often, the overhead bin latches are not too difficult to operate. After several attempts to push the bin door closed he became exasperated and began slamming it, to no avail. The flight attendant, obviously annoyed but professional, ushered him out of her way and back to his seat and then gingerly lifted the bin door handle and quietly, even softly, latched the bin door. Street smarts vs book smarts. Geezzzz.

Please, Follow the Captain's Orders

Flight story. My first leg out of DAL into Atl is delayed due to weather. Boarding was chaotic but finally everyone gets seated. A guy across the aisle in 1st kinda rudely asks the cabin attendant when we were leaving. She responded politely that it would be soon. A few minutes later we roll further down the tarmac and stop, I assume for clearance, etc. A few minutes click by when the pilot come on the PA to say we were held up a few minutes but had a departure time in 5 mins.

How Rude!

I just don't get some people and how the world must revolve around them, oblivious to those around them. Case in point. I got my comp upgrade to first class, sitting in the aisle, fourth row.

High Heels and Backpack

I am walking through the Atlanta airport on my way to make my connecting flight. Ahead of me I notice a tall and thin young lady walking slowly and deliberately. She had what must have been a twenty five pound backpack, filled to the gills and she seemed to be having trouble with her center of gravity being out of kilter. She also had a distressed look on her face as I passed her by as she seemed to be teetering a bit. I looked down and noticed what must have been at least six inch heels on her shoes. Now, I appreciate high heels on women as 1) they can be very attractive and 2) I am nearly 6'4" so standing around too many people who are often a foot shorter than me makes me feel like Gulliver and I get nervous. That said, while this young lady was attractive, those shoes were a bit comical and her backpack made it look like, if someone tried, she could be spun like a top. I am just glad she was not on my flight wearing that backpack.

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