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Air Travel Tips, Observations and Etiquette

I don't claim to be an expert, but I have logged nearly two million miles on a couple thousand flights inside canisters with wings that are shooting through the air. I have learned a few things over the years and made lots of observations during the process.

Yankin and Bankin into DCA

Just landed at DCA. For those familiar, most of the time these flights approach from the south over MD and VA. Today we followed the Potomac River from the north. The pilot was yanking and banking like a fighter jock until we hit the deck hard enough to wake the dead. The flight attendant announced it was not the pilot's fault, it was not the crews fault. It was the asphalt. Everyone's a comedian these days. Lol

Sheriff Buford T. Justice

Reminiscent of Sheriff Buford T. Justice, a big Ole dude with tennis shoes just walked out of the men's room with about six feet of toilet paper trailing him, attached to his shoe. He didn't notice until he had walked across the room. It really struck me as laugh out loud funny for some reason.

Walking and Texting in the Airport

Walking and texting. I just followed a young lady, head buried in her iphone, into the men's restroom in atl. It was really kinda funny when she figured it out.

Flying: Two Observations

Two observations. 1, The pre board line (those older or who otherwise needed extra time boarding) was exceptionally, even humorously long. It could have easily been an episode of Seinfeld. 2, the guy sitting beside me is wearing a shirt that is only a little bit louder than his annoying voice as he practically yells into his phone....annoying many. Will be glad to get back to Tennessee where manners are a little better.

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