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Summer Seersucker in the Sky

Double Take in the Skyclub

Arriving at LaGuardia Airport a bit early, I headed to the Delta Skyclub to relax for a few minutes before my flight.

Overheard on a Recent Delta Flight

On a morning flight, sitting in the seat just in front, a thirty something young lady with a toddler.

The Fun of Air Travel

Every now and then I get to laugh at myself, along with others.

Rude Millenial Traveler

I had an early flight this morning. My seat is in the rear of the plane, a full sized MD88. Because of my frequent flyer status I am able to board with first class.

Air Travel Tips, Observations and Etiquette

I don't claim to be an expert, but I have logged nearly two million miles on a couple thousand flights inside canisters with wings that are shooting through the air. I have learned a few things over the years and made lots of observations during the process.

Microsoft Even Runs Airplanes

Haven't heard this one before on a flight. Flight delayed due to MS Surface falling out of its mount in the cockpit, cracking the screen. So, the captain had to go visit the "computer guy" before we could take off. At least he didnt have to call tech support... ????

The Rude, Entitled Traveler

If you travel enough you will eventually encounter this guy or gal. On recent business trip one morning I was standing toward the front of the boarding line when he forced his way through the crowded gate area area and made it to the gate agent who was in the process of pre boarding families with infants, military personnel, etc. 

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