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Rude Millenial Traveler

I had an early flight this morning. My seat is in the rear of the plane, a full sized MD88. Because of my frequent flyer status I am able to board with first class.

Air Travel Tips, Observations and Etiquette

I don't claim to be an expert, but I have logged nearly two million miles on a couple thousand flights inside canisters with wings that are shooting through the air. I have learned a few things over the years and made lots of observations during the process.

Mind Your Own Baggage

I travel light by checking my bag. I have a small briefcase which I place in the overhead and then fold and place my blazer or suitcoat on top. Why do people, who board with multiple large bags, feel they have the right to move my personal items to make room for theirs? Very rude. That it also one reason I sit in an aisle seat so I can protect it....which I just had to do. People, don't be rude!

Don't Be a Rude Traveler

Today's traveling pet peeve. Small regional jet, crj900. First class upgrade, two seats on one side one seat on the other. Very limited overhead storage. The guy in front of me had two large carryons and literally took up the entire bin for the first row and he was a bit smug about it. Fortunately my carryon briefcase us pretty slender so I just put it on top of one of his. He huffed in displeasure. I ignored and sat down. These planes have very limited space, people. Think about others rather than just yourselves.

Backpacks! Ugh!

Another freaking backpack. I am sitting in my aisle seat, minding my own business. Two guys yucking it up in the aisle. The front one spins around to laugh at something his buddy said...and smack!!! His forty pound backpack slammed in to my shoulder. Dude!! Pay attention, you idiot! He did apologize but still, don't be an idiot in tight spaces. End of rant.

Traveling Musicians

Ok, I am all for supporting the arts and artists and I understand the need to protect valuable instruments. But a guy just boarded my flight with a large hard guitar case, taking up an entire bin and a large carryon, taking up another half bin. Before boarding the gate agent announced twice that it is a full flight and limited bin space. This guy is a bit of a prima Dona in my book. He should have checked his bag at least.

1st Class Upgrade - Not Necessarily 1st Class Passengers

I am amused by travelers who either 1) got a very rare first class upgrade 2) purchased an upgrade before boarding to impress someone or 3) the occasional traveler who splurged. Inevitably they tend to come on board like they own the plane, ignore standard protocols for bag storage etc and generally have a bit of an attitude. I have such a couple sitting across from me. They make things much harder for everyone, especially the flight attendants. Let them wait for that bloody Mary until the plane is fully boarded. Geez, people have some manners.

Decorum is Sometimes Lost on Travelers

Note to the guy sitting in 1c, the rest of the plane doesn't really want or need to know about your accidents and/or medical conditions. Just saying. Tone it down. Was there a full moon last night? This flight is bizarre.

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