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You Gotta Love This Country!

You gotta love this country. Dulles Airport. Delayed flight. Five Guys burger for lunch. Standing in line, watching my burger being cooked on the griddle. Two guys working the kitchen, both foreign and barely speaking English. Big smiles on their faces, joking with each other and with me in very broken English, radio playing. They are dancing and singing along to "Bad to the bone". Love It! ????

Satire warning!

On my flight this morning I was lucky enough to get an upgrade to 1st class. The service in flight was very good. I had an aisle seat and occasionally the attractive stewardess would have to lean across me to serve my seatmate, brushing against me. When we landed and I walked passed her she smiled and winked at me in a very friendly manner. I just realized I was sexually assaulted. I should alert the media and hold a press conference. This abuse of authority must be stopped in its tracks. That light touch, smile and wink was unwelcomed (ok, not really ????) and unwarranted. I will exercise my rights in this democracy and push back and get some attention. The abuse of power in our airways by flight attendants and anyone else who serves the public on terra ferma or elsewhere need to be trained to understand that these unwelcome ???? advances have gone on for too long and must be stopped!! I now understand the actresses whose fannies were litely patted by an invalid former President. I get it. I really do. It is a travesty. Travelers unite!!!! On a side note I hope to see that flight attendant again at some point to confirm my experience. ???? Just sayin'.

The USA is Going to be OK

In the long run, I think the USA is going to be just fine....

Acts of Kindness

Random act of kindness. I try to tip when and where appropriate. Boarding a flight, the guy in front of me noticed a a delta team member walk back up the skybridge with an empty wheelchair after delivering an elderly lady to her seat. He asked the skycap if she tipped him? No. This guy slipped him a couple bucks. Classy. I thanked him and I learned something. ;)

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