Trick or Treat


So, to lighten the mood, here I am on a plane. I was fortunate enough to get an upgrade to first class, row 1, seat B. Aisle seat. My seat mate had already boarded when I came on. A rather portly gentleman (ok, I gotta be careful here because I am basically Donald Trump's size so I guess that makes me too overweight to run for President according to some pundits....but I digress) sitting in his chair with headphones on and iPad in his lap already watching a movie or something.

He didn't even look up when I settled in. No problem with that but a little unusual. I settled down and noticed, even before take off, that he kept pulling treats out of his rather large shopping bag, which he actually mounted on the bulkhead wall in front of us. No big deal but he kept going back for more and each time he would pull something else out. First it was a kit Kat, then another chocolate bar, then what appeared to be saltwater taffee. We then take off and get airborne and he pulls his shopping bag on his lap to inspect the contents for his next course...and I got a glimpse inside. It looked liked my son's treat bag after a very good Halloween night haul.

He had every candy treat under the sun in that bag. He pulled out a Reese's candy and quickly dispatched with its contents, only to be met a few minutes later by the steward bringing around the snack tray. I am thinking, well the snack tray sure doesn't match this guy's stash but apparently he likes popcorn too. So he indulged. (It is kind of free afterall)

I should say, he did refrain from any alcohol offered, as I sip on my California blend, and he had his own 32 Oz bottle of Diet Coke, so I guess he is concerned about his health. We are now halfway to our destination and he has dropped off to sleep, headphones on and his movie still playing....should I steal some treats? ;)

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