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Today's Youth

Today's youth. We went to breakfast at one of our regular hangouts this morning. Our server was a very sweet doe eyed teenager, maybe 17 yrs old, I am sure a part timer. She was eager to please and was good in every way. Sheena ordered scrambled eggs with some cheddar cheese, her regular order at this establishment. The server had a confused look on her face and said "we don't have cheddar cheese". Sheena commented "Oh, you're out of cheddar cheese?". "No, we don't have cheddar cheese. We only have shredded cheese". I then asked what they make their "Cheddar Scrambler", listed on the menu, with? She had a confused look on her face and responded "shredded, I guess" here was her sign.

What a View!

Every once in a while there is a view that deserves a picture. This was approaching ATL, low ceiling, and a lot of moisture above the clouds that seemed to magnify the sun. It was pretty awesome

You Gotta Love This Country!

You gotta love this country. Dulles Airport. Delayed flight. Five Guys burger for lunch. Standing in line, watching my burger being cooked on the griddle. Two guys working the kitchen, both foreign and barely speaking English. Big smiles on their faces, joking with each other and with me in very broken English, radio playing. They are dancing and singing along to "Bad to the bone". Love It! ????

Today, Delta Rocks!

Today, Delta Sucks!

Delta must have just hired a new "weight and balance" officer right out if grad school. I almost missed my connecting flight because the plane occupying the gate from my first flight, causing my flight to sit on the tarmac for thirty minutes, had a "weight and balance" issue. I barely made my connecting flight. We pushed back from the gate and sat for a few minutes. Eventually the captain came on the loudspeaker to announced we had a "weight and balance" issue that couldn't be resolved so we pulled back into the gate to make "adjustments". Question: hey delta do you think maybe the old weight and balance guy maybe was doing a pretty good job afterall? Today, Delta sucks.

I Am Not a Sociologist, but...

I am not a sociologist but there are times when I wish I were. Traveling on business. High end restaurant bar. Happy hour menu. Happy hour crowd. Food/drink from the bar menu, happy hour prices. A businees group of four comes in while they wait on their table and the last of their group. The group includes a senior guy, late fifties, a couple of forty something mid level managers (male) and what I will assume to be a young sales exec (female). They seem to be celebrating a victory. Good for them. After fifteen minutes or so a taxi pulls up and a female emerges, late forties or early fifties. Severe blonde, roots showing, wearing a heavy fur. She blows in to the bar like a queen bee and is part of the business group. She sees the young female exec....and the posturing begins. It was fun to watch. The queen became very loud and flamboyant. She loudly ordered "Whatever the men were drinking" (that's a whole 'nother story) to communicate that she was queen bee. The young exec handled it well and with diplomacy but the look on her face said, "uh huh, we'll see". Dang, I wish I could have followed the group to their table to continue to watch. I suspect alcohol may play a role in the eventual outcome. Where's a good sociologist when I need one. ????

Today, Air Travel Sucks

I'm usually pretty high on Delta airlines but today they suck. My twenty one min flight from cha to atl turned in to an hour and 30 mins...most of it sitting on the tarmac in atl on a beautiful, warm sunny day. My fifty minutes connection turned in to a fifteen minute connection, going from D33 to B5. I ran and/or powerwalked the whole way, getting to my gate, huffing and puffing, while they were closing the gate door. I yelled I'm coming. Door closed. I begged for mercy. The gate agent hailed a delta redcoat. He was great, thankfully, and said of course we can reopen the door. So I run down the jetway, sweating from my workout. The flight attendant suggested I take of my coat because the a.c. was not working and it's like an oven in the plane. She was right. And it sucks. Today flying sucks.

Don't Be a Rude Traveler

Today's traveling pet peeve. Small regional jet, crj900. First class upgrade, two seats on one side one seat on the other. Very limited overhead storage. The guy in front of me had two large carryons and literally took up the entire bin for the first row and he was a bit smug about it. Fortunately my carryon briefcase us pretty slender so I just put it on top of one of his. He huffed in displeasure. I ignored and sat down. These planes have very limited space, people. Think about others rather than just yourselves.

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